Physical exercise is another huge player in wellness. What I love about yoga as a form of physical exercise are its effects on the entire body – not just the muscles, but also the bones, joints, brain, internal organs and circulation. You can read more about the multifaceted benefits of yoga postures in my blog post on The Power of Yoga.

The type of yoga I practice and teach, as a certified yoga teacher RYT-200, through Yoga Alliance, adds to these benefits by strengthening mental and spiritual wellness. I teach Ananda style Hatha yoga, which combines traditional yoga postures with positive affirmations that enhance the experience and promote mental focus (the affirmations are from Swami Kriyananda’s Ananda Yoga® system, ©Hansa Trust). In addition, short pauses between asanas are utilized to allow time for increased body and energy awareness. This style of yoga can be very gentle, very rigorous or anything in between.

I also teach restorative yoga, which cultivates deep relaxation and stress release to stimulate the “rest and digest” response in the body (as opposed to “fight or flight”). Simply put, restorative yoga and deep relaxation promote the body’s ability to repair itself. Restorative yoga poses require no effort to stay in, and the duration of holding the poses is longer than traditional Hatha yoga poses. I also add visualizations to deepen the experience and further enhance relaxation.

I am on YouTube! I have a yoga channel called Yoga Elevated, which features a variety of yoga, meditation and (soon) nutrition-related content. Below, you can find some examples from the channel – a quick yoga class, perfect for a break in the middle of your workday, and a demonstration of some poses in a most unusual location!