I am a certified meditation teacher through the Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation! I teach an ancient meditation technique, called Hong-Sau. I have personally practiced this technique for over ten years.

There are many misconceptions about what meditation is. Mediation is not about emptying the mind or being passive – it is about focusing the mind one-pointedly on something, in this case your own breath, to help you go within and bring about a sense of stillness, and of peace. Meditation is also not hypnosis, or brainwashing, or running away from your problems. It is rather finding solutions to your problems from within, in a highly alert, uplifted state.

Meditation has multiple health benefits. Currently, research suggests that meditation can reduce stress, improve sleep, enhance immunity, and support longevity, among many others. Practicing this technique over time, you might find it is easier to concentrate, to stay calm in stressful situations, and to not be so disturbed by changes in the world and in your own circumstances.

There are many meditation apps for the phone, and numerous resources on the internet that can teach you a meditation technique for free. I encourage you to try one today, or get in touch with me for a face-to-face (though remote) learn-to-meditate class.