I believe in the potential of plants as the basis of a healthy diet, and in the individuality of every person’s nutritional requirements. When I say “diet”, I don’t necessarily mean “a weight loss diet”. What I mean is that a diet is simply an eating pattern – everyone has one whether they realize the fact or not.

In a nutshell, almost any healthy diet is built on vegetables and fruit, and plenty of them. We then add healthy fats, lean proteins and fiber-rich carbohydrates in varying amounts and forms depending on the needs of the individual person.

Indeed, I believe there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all healthy diet. Every person is an individual, which makes the person’s appropriate diet individual, too. One type of diet can be perfect for someone, and completely inappropriate for someone else.

When you have a counseling session with me, you can expect to receive personalized nutrition tips and guidance. I will also work with any existing health conditions and adjust my recommendations based on those, and also based on the specific circumstances of your lifestyle. In addition, I draw from the ancient wisdom of Yoga to complement my Western nutrition knowledge and provide a holistic (whole being) approach to nutrition guidance.

My aim is to help you implement realistic, yet meaningful changes in your food choices, eating patterns, and lifestyle, in order to promote health and wellness. To book a counseling session with me, visit to the Contact and Pricing page. All of my sessions are conducted online.

My experience/expertise:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome certificate through Monash University
  • Plant based nutrition certification (through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)
  • California Children’s Services paneled
  • Clinical areas I have worked in include: liver disease, solid organ transplant, heart disease, pediatrics, chronic wounds, diabetes, neurology, renal disease and surgical patients