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13 Dec: The power of Yoga

From experience I know how good it feels to practice yoga (postures, in this case – yoga includes many other things also, such as meditation). Doing yoga invigorates me, calms me, and makes my body stronger. The feeling of well-being after practicing yoga is often quite extraordinary. What’s more, and what I didn’t fully realize, is that there is also lots of scientific research done on the benefits of yoga. Yoga is actually being considered as alternative medicine(!). The list is long! Here are some examples: It releases stress Reduces depression, anxiety, insomnia Promotes cardiovascular health through lower resting heart rate, increased blood flow to tissues, lower blood pressure, increased hemoglobin levels, blood thinning effect to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack, improved blood oxygenation etc… Reduces chronic pain Strengthens muscles, improves flexibility Has antioxidant effects (increases glutathione, vitamin C and vitamin E blood levels) Some studies suggest…